Thursday, 15 August 2013

Facts - Independence and partition of India

1- The British announce the independence of India soon after the labour party in England came in power in 1945 , it was decided that British power which was already devastated by world war could not hold on to the extended empire.

2- Independence was declared by Mountbatten before the partion, he feared of civil war and does not wanted the empire to get trapped in it hence least bothered of proper planning.

3- Partition was one of the largest human mobilization recorded in history. 

4- Partition was decision of few elite class who does not represented the voice of majority, majority Hindus and Muslim were against the decision. 

4- Cyril Radcliff a British lawyer hurriedly drawn the map with little knowledge of Indian condition which resulted in confusion of the region till date.

5- Approx half a million people perished and 12 million became homeless in civil war resulted due to partion.  

6- Delhi received the largest number of refugees in a single city increasing the population from 1 million to approx 2 million.

7- First democratic election was held in India on 1951 and India became the largest democracy in the world ( Though lot criticize it as a paper democracy )  

8- Though we got the independence in 1947 the movement was started long back, the first revolt was taken place approx 100 year before the first war of independence of 1857 by a fakir ( sufi saint) Majnu Sha this movement was supported by sanyasi leader Bhawani Pathak.

9- Tipu Sultan was the first foresighted  ruler who caution the native rulers about the imperial conspiracy and wrote letters urging them to stop fighting among them self & unite against the British empire. "If the native rulers have extended the support to Tipu Sultan we would have never been the ruler" this was the statement made by British general 'wellsly' after Tipu died in the battle feild. 

Happy Independence day!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hire car drivers in Mumbai

 Now you can rent a car driver in Mumbai for your special requirements,  having a car and self driving is very hectic in Mumbai, it drains you off the energy and spark specially when you want go for parties or events.

At upartyvdrive we have drivers whom you can hire for your temporary requirements like night outs in city pubs and restaurants, outstation driving,& valets parking for events.

The drivers are handpicked , trained and groomed in our driver education program after which they are put in our database.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to get good service from your Car Driver in India

Finding a reliable car Drivers in India is difficult plus retaining & getting good service from him is another challenge, on an average drivers leaves the job within few months of joining because of various reasons like compatibility issue with the employer, timing , work pressure etc.

If you hire new driver often because your previous driver quit your job you might incur indirect loss because a car which is driven by different drivers incur lot of maintenance cost then a car which is driven by a single driver,  this is due to different driving style of the drivers.

Broadly there are two categories of drivers,

Office- These drivers prefer office jobs for reasons like fix duty hrs, additional perks, no house work like grocery shopping, laundry or washing of cars, driving the car for one single person, less driving etc.

House work-
There are drivers  who prefer home jobs and does not mind doing errand work. they have own reason for this like not many dos and dnt like in office, they can take advance salary in middle of the month, no notice period required as they have no written contract or agreement with the employer, free food and accommodation also a one of the reason.

The above points will be helpful in recruiting the driver, now lets understand what can be done to get a good service from the driver

Fringe Benefits -
Any body like fringe benefits but it carries more value in this segment, you may give your driver ( off course if it is in your budget)  yearly bonus, mediclaim, travelling allowance, mobile allowance etc

Salary on time- Always give your driver salary on time, as any delay will cause his monthly budget to shake, this is also one of the many reasons drivers leaves the job.

Duty hours- A driver is also a human being there are employers who have big luxury cars, eat in star hotels but they treat there domestic servants like animals, these kind of people are dangerous for society as they do not give value for other humans who are below their status.

Travelling allowance-
If your driver travel for duty from long distance you may consider giving him a monthly bus or train pass or both, the cost is nominal but it creates a value for being cared by the employer.

Over time
Always make sure you pay him his overtime before salary date or along with the salary,during long distance give him food allowance or arrange for the same.

Phone allowance-
There are lot of times when a driver uses his cell phone to call you, if he calls you frequently he will be using reasonable amount of his balance ( considering most of the driver use prepaid), you may consider him giving a mobile allowance every month so that it covers the balance which he uses to call you

Personal Kit( shaving kit, deo, shoe polish, nail cutter, soap etc)
If you travel long distance you may consider giving your driver a personal grooming kit.

Avoid shouting in front of others
Drivers are highly egoistic creatures,  shouting at them in front of others or from back seat while they are driving will shatter there ego use some human relation skills like politeness and patience while dealing with them.

Never make him sit when not required-
There will be times when you travel a lot and at times travel less or not at all this is the time when your driver sits ideal and get bored most of the drivers leave the job because they cannot sit ideal for long hence if your are sure that you do not require him in evening leave him early for the day.

Not giving him proper rest-
Always make sure you give proper rest to your driver, there are lot of employers who have very hectic scheduled and travel frequently  long distance for which they hire a driver so that they feel fresh and focus on there work but at the same time they forget that the driver is also human a being like them and needs rest as they need.