Thursday, 15 August 2013

Facts - Independence and partition of India

1- The British announce the independence of India soon after the labour party in England came in power in 1945 , it was decided that British power which was already devastated by world war could not hold on to the extended empire.

2- Independence was declared by Mountbatten before the partion, he feared of civil war and does not wanted the empire to get trapped in it hence least bothered of proper planning.

3- Partition was one of the largest human mobilization recorded in history. 

4- Partition was decision of few elite class who does not represented the voice of majority, majority Hindus and Muslim were against the decision. 

4- Cyril Radcliff a British lawyer hurriedly drawn the map with little knowledge of Indian condition which resulted in confusion of the region till date.

5- Approx half a million people perished and 12 million became homeless in civil war resulted due to partion.  

6- Delhi received the largest number of refugees in a single city increasing the population from 1 million to approx 2 million.

7- First democratic election was held in India on 1951 and India became the largest democracy in the world ( Though lot criticize it as a paper democracy )  

8- Though we got the independence in 1947 the movement was started long back, the first revolt was taken place approx 100 year before the first war of independence of 1857 by a fakir ( sufi saint) Majnu Sha this movement was supported by sanyasi leader Bhawani Pathak.

9- Tipu Sultan was the first foresighted  ruler who caution the native rulers about the imperial conspiracy and wrote letters urging them to stop fighting among them self & unite against the British empire. "If the native rulers have extended the support to Tipu Sultan we would have never been the ruler" this was the statement made by British general 'wellsly' after Tipu died in the battle feild. 

Happy Independence day!

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